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What is Pragmatic Evaluation?

Pragmatic Evaluation in Physical Activity and Health (PEPAH) is a global initiative to improve the evidence base on the implementation and effectiveness of ‘real world’ physical activity interventions.

One of the main activities delivered by the organisation is courses aimed at building capacity for evaluation in the field of physical activity. The focus is on designing and conducting evaluations of ‘real world’ physical activity interventions, which often require a pragmatic and flexible approach. 

Who is it for?

The course is ideal for Researchers, Practitioners and Policy Makers who are interested in the practical application of their work and/or for employees of government and non-government entities who aspire to rigorously evaluate their programs and policies or who wish to understand how to work most effectively with external evaluation partners.

Course lecture

The Pragmatics

Dr Paul Kelly

Course Organiser

Dr Karen Milton

Course Organiser

Dr Justin Richards

Course Organiser


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